Vision Workshops at Newtowne 20


Vision Workshops x Newtowne 20

Collaborating. Seeing. Creating.

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Our mission is to provide innovative, dynamic, educational and life changing experiences for youth, using the tools of photojournalism.

Our goals are to give young people a voice, challenging them to see themselves and their communities in a new light; to encourage them to explore their world through the lens of a camera; and to share their perspectives with others through the publication and exhibition of their work.

Our workshops inspire youth with positive role models and with opportunities to display their photographs and writings at galleries from Annapolis to Europe to India and the Middle East.

VisionWorkshops x Newtowne 20 will be provide this program free of charge to our students, through generous donations from the community, foundations, and corporate sponsors. 


August 14-18


Woodside Gardens Rec Center

Students will be provided lunch every day.  



For interest in attending, teaching, or donating please fill out the form below or email 


Daily Instructors

Allison Zaucha

Allison Zaucha (b.1991) is an international independent photographer based in the Annapolis, MD. She is attracted to community stories of strength and hope and is passionate about working with non-profits and social issues while also accepting various news and commercial assignments. She hopes to empower viewers to think about the universal conditions that affect humanity and to promote positive change in their communities.

Allison is an active member of WPOW and NPPA. In 2017 Allison has attended Momenta LA Project and the Northern Short Course. 

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